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Deal With Website Malware MW:SPAM:SEO

The famous wordpress malware MW:SPAM:SEO infection that has been a nightmare for many webmasters for over the time. It is really not a walk in the park to remove this kind of threat. If you website get infected by any kind of malicious code like MW:SPAM:SEO then it will prove as a cake walk to…

5 Reasons To Not use Outlook for Email Marketing

5 Reasons To Not use Outlook for Email Marketing

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most famous email services. It is being used on a large scale by small and big organisation. It is quite unfortunate that some of the companies also using Outlook for their email marketing campaigns. Although Outlook is convenient for day-to-day use, but its various features make it an unsuitable tool…

How To Avoid Negative SEO

Avoid Negative SEO

A hacked website can severely affect your SEO efforts. You can’t expect a greater performance from a compromised websites. These days Negative SEO has become a very common problem. Hackers are trying different methods to inject malicious codes to websites, that causes dramatic downgrade to the infected website ranking. Many webmasters have got accused by this…

iPhone SEO Apps You Must Use in 2016

iPhone SEO Apps You Must Use in 2016

You must have felt that it is too boring to be chained to your desktop for doing SEO for your website. Laptop and tablets are really good option because they give you freedom to roam anywhere and at the same stay connected to your SEO campaigns. Now the iPhone has bring a major revolution because now…

WordPress malware security – Keep WordPress Secure

Wordpress malware security

Do you know that 73% of all popular websites are created on WordPress? Do you know all of them are at risk? Yes, WordPress is the most used CMS and that is why it is more vulnerable to malware. Hackers around the world are always ready to hack your website for doing their illegal activities….

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

Black Hat SEO gone bigger and now spreading malware. Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware to the users computers by manipulating Search Engine results. What is Black Hat SEO It is a collection on techniques used to manipulate SERP and get quicker ranking. Many webmasters use this kind of Back Hat SEO techniques to get…

Prevent Website Malware – Important WordPress Tips

Prevent Website Malware

Tips To Prevent Website Malware Cyber criminals compromise many websites every day. These hacks are commonly invisible and can’t be determined by users. But these hacks are still harmful for anyone who view that hacked website or page even for the site owner. Hackers can infect your site with harmful code that can record your…