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6 SEO Tools You Should Use in 2016 (SEO Tools Everyone Should Use)

What is SEO Tool. Why you should use SEO Tools? How they can help in your business? Which SEO Tool you need to use in 2016? Well this blog contains the answers of all these questions. Go through this blog to know which are the 6 SEO Tools You Should Use in 2016 to rank higher.

Whether you are an SEO, a content marketer, a blogger or an online marketer your business rely on the Search Engine. The online marketing agency has always a love and hate relationship with Google. It is very hard to say what exactly can rank your site on the first spot on Google. It doesn’t matter how good you understand Google but a collection of useful SEO Tool can surely uplift your business and double your efforts in less.

seo tools

The main reason Why SEO has gained importance is the unusual behavior of Google and other Search Engine. The primary objective of all the search engines is quite simple (or you can say they have the same objective). Every Search Engine wants to display the most relevant search results and for the very same reason they always keep changing the rules of the game. The every update of Google filter some site and push some site on higher rank for the very same.

As the competition is getting tougher day by day for the online marketers, your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can determine the success or failure of your business. SEO tools can help you to rank your website higher. In order to compete your opponents you need to be ‘armed to the teeth’ with the latest tools. But the key question is “Which tools you should use?”

Here are some SEO tools that you should be using in 2016.

1. Google Analytics

Google analytics

Google Analytics is is one of the most important and best SEO tool that you will need to optimize your website. It is as important for your site as air important for human beings. It is also my personal favorite and that’s why it is at the top of list. If someone ask me to use the only SEO tool then my first choice will be the GA. It provides the high quality and detailed analysis of your site. Most of the other data analysis tool uses the Google Analytics API that clearly proves that GA is the best for data analysis business.

2. Google Webmaster Tools


GWT is yet another important tool from Google. This is one the second number of my most loved SEO tools. It unlocks the details analysis of your site performance. It can show keyword data, bounce rate, clicks, click through rates and many more. Google Web Master Tool is really a winner and can also make you a real winner by helping you to optimize your site.

3. Keyword Planner


Targeting the right is always the key of success in world of SEO. How will you know that which keyword will increase your traffic and grow your audience. Google Keyword Planner tool is the one that will help you find most suitable and profitable keywords for your site. Since Keyword Tool has been replaced, Keyword Planner has become the premier way of researching keywords.

4. SEMrush



SEMrush is another very important and powserful SEO tool that must be in your list. It is an advanced tool that tells you whether your site is healthy or not. Apart from this, SEMrush is also great for checking Google ranking of your site, finding keywords and many more. This amazing tool can also tells you when your site got penalized by Google for its inbound links.

5. Ahrefs


Ahrefs is the backlink analyzer for your site. It gives you important information about your backlinks that can help you to analyze your site. You can see the referring domains of your site, those IPs address etc. It can also give you complete details about the number of .gov and .edu site backlinks that come to your site. You can also use Ahrefs to check for broken links, lost links and anchor text density.

6. Majestic


Majestic is another great SEO tool. I don’t know why it is so down in this (because others were more important) list but it is really very useful. The best thing that I like about this tool is analysis of the trust flow and the citation flow. You can also use this tool check the backlinks of your competitive sites so that you can analyze the secret of their success. I am not saying you to copy their backlinks but those backlinks can also work for your site if they are working for your competitor’s site.

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