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How To Avoid Negative SEO

Avoid Negative SEO

A hacked website can severely affect your SEO efforts. You can’t expect a greater performance from a compromised websites. These days Negative SEO has become a very common problem. Hackers are trying different methods to inject malicious codes to websites, that causes dramatic downgrade to the infected website ranking. Many webmasters have got accused by this tactics recently, so don’t be a next victim and learn how to Avoid Negative SEO campaigns.

Avoid Negative SEO

What is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO simply refers the use of black hat and unethical techniques practiced to counteract the competitor’s rankings in search engines. There could be various types of methods can be used by hackers to infect your site and diminish your site SERP. If the user encounters the outlook error then suggest them to visit site and get the fix that errors.

  • Hacking your website
  • Making lots of spammy links to your website
  • Creating a copy of your content and distribute over Internet
  • Pointing your site links to various porn or malicious websites.
  • Creating your site link with porn or Viagra like keywords.
  • Run fake social profiles to ruin your website reputation online.
  • Remove the best and useful backlinks of your website.

SEO Web Security Tips

You must be sure that you site is not hijacked. You should keep checking your Google Webmaters account for any kind of warning message. You should also monitor and remove spammy links from your websites. Scan your website on or or any other website you trust. Be sure that your computer is malware free. Regularly scan your computer for viruses and immediately remove malware from your PC if found.

Avoid Negative SEO

Avoid Negative SEO

It is very important to avoid negative SEO practices to keep maintained your website ranking and traffic. There is no way through which Google can find out that your competitor is buying some malicious bulky links for your site to downgrade your SEO practices. So you must be active and keep a sharp eye on your backlink profile. You should be very watchful and find out these kind of links :-

  • Links from porn, gambling, adult and other unnatural source.
  • Links from websites in foreign languages is also harmful.
  • Links from malicious or misleading web pages.
  • Links from pages that contain more than 50 links.
  • Links from sites that shows virus or malware warnings.
  • Report Suspected Negative SEO Tactics

Google’s Disavow is simply an awesome tool to report and avoid negative SEO attacks. The amazing tool allows you to report for the malicious being created by third parties for your site. Once you report, Google will automatically eliminate those links when assessing your site.

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