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Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

Black Hat SEO gone bigger and now spreading malware. Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware to the users computers by manipulating Search Engine results.

What is Black Hat SEO

It is a collection on techniques used to manipulate SERP and get quicker ranking. Many webmasters use this kind of Back Hat SEO techniques to get ranked higher on search engine and make some quick profit. These kind of site have no longer life and get penalized after being caught by the Search Engine.

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

It is not a long term game if you are using Back Hat SEO tricks to boost your site ranking in Google Search. It may give you quick result and your site can get ranked on the First page on Google but soon you will the penalty for sure. These tricks are also used by malicious third parties to spread malicious codes over the Internet. Heimdal Security has discovered that cyber crooks are also using Black Hat SEO tricks to spread malware. Read the full article here :-

According to Heimdal Security, user are now getting more when they search for Java JRE, MSN 7 and Windows 8. It doesn’t mean that scammers applied a break to their campaign. There could several other keywords that can get targeted by Black Hat SEO experts to spread malware. You don’t know when you PC will get infected by harmful threats and malware just by surfing the Internet.

What To Do

Always keep a sharp eye son what you search and what result you got. Do not open or visit any malicious looking website. Do not download any software or program from untrusted websites. Always update your programs from official or reputed websites. Always Scan your PC for potential threats and malware. Use powerful malware removal tool that can protect your system from latest viruses.

Black Hat SEO Campaign Injecting Malware

How Harmful Can Be SEO Poisoning

SEO poisoning is just a term used to describe the use of malicious techniques for SEO campaigns. As Black Hat SEO are trying various deceptive tricks to get higher ranking and these tricks are also used for spreading malware. It could be viral and then users will have no way to escape from malware.

Get more info about SEO Poisoning and to protect yourself :-

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