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How To Determine If My Mac Computer Has Been Hacked

From several years it has been considered that the Apple computer is much safer than other computer and it is true because if we compare Mac with other computer such as Windows PC then we can’t find such suspicious activity on Mac which proves that got hacked. The other reason is that hackers usually engaged developing malicious software for the Windows operating system rather than the giving priority to the Mac computer. However with the increase in technology Apple also continues to grow and the OS X also comes in the target of the hackers and they start creating virus and malware that can attack the Mac computer as well. So if you are also a Mac user then it is necessary to know how to detect that your computer has been hacked or get infected by malware, as well as what to do if you found that your system got attacked. By going through this post you will get complete information about the symptoms of hacked or attacked Mac computer and also how to get rid with it.

Unusual behavior of the Mac computer

There are many symptoms which can indicate that your Mac computer is got attacked or hacked. So if you found that your computer is not working normally that means if it is running slow or performing sluggish then it could be a sign of virus. Apart from that there are more indication which is the sign of virus attack on your Mac such as appearance of ransom and unknown pop-ups, display of several advertisement and random reset. So if you found any kind of unusual activity as mentioned then you should immediately take your computer to your nearest Apple store where a expert technician can help you out in resolving the issues. It is also necessary because the experts of the Apple stores determine whether the problem is due to the hardware, OS X, apps or virus. Now before moving further we have to know that where we can get the virus in our Mac computer.

There are several source through which you can get malware or virus in your Mac computer system. When you download any software outside from the App store can arise the risk of getting malware in your computer. Apart from that installing pirated plug-ins or content from unknown sites. If you remember that you don’t have downloaded such contents then there is a big chance that you are facing the problems due to the operating system or hardware problems. So you can try after formatting your hard disk or reinstalling the operating system. It can proof beneficial for you in order to deal with a virus attack or hack.

Anti-Virus program

If we talk about the antivirus software then we never see it related with Mac computer. These security software are more or less necessary for those who are using a Windows computer. But if we talk about Mac then we can rarely find someone using Antivirus on Mac. There are some popular magazines which reports that the opinion of users about using Antivirus in Mac are mixed. There are some Apple store techs are against using Antivirus in Mac. It is also because the Mac has been attacked by very few virus and the viruses that attack the Mac computer are mostly new for the OS X antivirus and they don’t have the details of those virus. So using the Antivirus on Mac can also result in its slow processing because it can east up more system resources without doing anything. But if you really think that your Mac is got hacked and want to scan it for malicious program then you can get Reimage Repair software and it is better if you download from the App store.

Check your Application folder

If you are in doubt that your Mac has been hacked or got attacked by virus then there is a good news for you. Most of the common malware or virus that can attack OS X are easy to find and remove. As like the Windows PC where it is difficult to detect the virus because of its hidden process you can easily find the malware in your Mac system and it is easy to remove as opening any folder. You have to just open your computer folder and find for any suspicious thing. As you find any suspicious program then immediately move it to the trash.

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