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Fix Event 1148 With Rule Synchronization Error and Secure Your Exchange Server

Exchange Server database is used by millions of people for storing data and performing different tasks. Information Store in Exchange server acts like a storage group which comprises 1 or 2 mailbox stores depending upon the Exchange server version. Mailbox stores are critical components as they includes user and system mailboxes. But corruption is the weirdest situation which eats all advantages provided by Exchange server. If it gets corrupted, mailbox store leads to severe problems for the working of organization and may result in Event 1148 With Rule Synchronization Error. Mailbox store further includes two files, i.e. Priv1.edb and Priv1.stm. Such corruptions generally occurs due to reasons such as virus attack, network issues, database dirty shutdown, network issues, scanning by antivirus applications etc and hinders Priv1.edb files.

If the EDB files gets corrupted, it becomes inaccessible and throws errors with a few event ids, that can be read from application log. Let us suppose you are using mailbox store which includes several user mailboxes. Information store possesses necessary information required for the proper working of organization. You may observe the following event id repeatedly in the application event log:

  • Event Type: Error
  • Event Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
  • Event Category: Rules
  • Event ID: 1148
  • Date: date
  • Time: time
  • User: N/A
  • Computer: Computer_Name
  • Description:A rule synchronization error (Read verification error) has occurred.


You may get event 1148 with rule synchronization error irrespective of the fact that entire Exchange Server services are working properly and without any issue. Mainly this error occurs due to corruption of Exchange database. You may also get this error if the required data is missing. You can also know that MySQL Repair Tool to get back lost database files.


For resolving most of the problems related with Exchange server, Microsoft has offered an inbuilt tool known as Eseutil. You should run the ‘Eseutil’ command with ‘/r’ switch for the purpose of soft database recovery. You can also restore database from a valid and updated backup. Also execute ‘Eseutil’ with the help of p switch for repairing the Exchange database. If these methods fails to perform the task of edb repair, you can go for commercial Edb Recovery Software. The software efficiently fix Event 1148 With Rule Synchronization Error and also resolves other issues with your Exchange server.

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