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Fix Memory card error for easy accessing of memory card contents

Memory card is used on all digital media and digital cameras to store captured images. For easy accessibility and storage of images people often transfer memory card data to their system. This is a good practice to store images for long time. But sometimes users get some unknown set of error tags while accessing memory card contents for view or further processing that lead to inaccessible images. One common error tag related to memory card is ‘Memory card error’. It is important to fix this urgently for quick image accessing and to avoid any critical photo loss situation.

Other related memory card errors are:

  • Card locked
  • Card error

There are no photos that you want still on the camera. You should not reformat the memory card, delete or capture new images on it. These things may overwrite the existing data and chances of recovery will get decreased after that. Any further operation with memory card may lead to permanent loss of data. There is only one way to recover lost data and that is professional Photo recovery software. If you have photos on your Mac computer then you should use photo recovery Mac software to restore lost data. You also need to consider some other things in case of Memory card error before recovery such as ensure that memory card is appears as a drive in My computer or not. If your system is unable to read the memory card then use USB card reader to identify memory card. Use third party photo recovery software to recover lost images and to fix memory card error.

The recommended software is very effective to recover lost images after any situation. It has simple interface that allow anyone to use the software. After recovery of all images format the memory card to remove memory card error. You may reuse formatted memory card on your camera for further processing. However, if memory card error appears very frequent on your camera then you should use a new memory card. Usually any memory cards have limited life span up to 10000 time of read/write. This tool is also perfect for JPEG Recovery. Use of memory card for very long period may generate memory card errors on continue basis. If you want a permanent solution of memory card error then use brand new memory card on your camera.

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