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Google Dance is Back Again – The Return Of Google Dance

Finally Google Dance is back again. Its great to see that the Google Dance returns. The mystery behind the name Google Dance is very funny. It is a Google algorithm that was first launched at 2002. it was a new recipe of Google to rank the websites. At that time, the results in the Google search seemed to dance due to this new algorithm and thus it got its name Google Dance. This unique nickname was given to this algorithm because Google’s search results dance around after running this algorithm.

What is Google Dance

Google Dance is actually a period in which Google rebuild its ranking. This period normally last for 3-5 days and bring a massive up and downfall to the ranking of websites. Google Dance results into the fluctuate of ranking of websites for a short time period.

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History Of Google Dance

As you know Google Dance is an algorithm created by Google to rank the websites and it was first help at 2002. At that time the search engine results for a particular search term varies every single day. In simple words, if you are searching for a term in Google then the results you get today on first page will get changes tomorrow. This is how Google results started dancing after this new Google update and thus it got its unique nick name. The one thing about Google Dance is still mystery that who gave this name to this algorithm.


The period of Google Dance

The dancing process normally goes for some days until Google does not create a new list for ranking the websites and stabilizes the whole thing. The main motive of Google behind this new algorithm is to reorder the website ranking according to their quality and content. This listing might continue for the several days. Google repeats its index of sites of regular basis to rank the web pages. In this listing some pages might get dropped as they no longer exit and some new pages get added to the index. This is the way how Google algorithm work and rank the websites.

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The Party Google

Google has also coined the term Google Dance for their annual party. Here you can see the Google co-founders Sergey Brin & Larry Page giving away some swag in this image

laary page

Google Dance was such a big event at those days. The company has even organized a special sale of T-shirts to memorize this event.

Google t-shirt

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The Return of Google Dance

2002 was not the last of Google Dance. Yes it get back soon and make the websites dance again for some days. Who has expected that Google Dance will get back, but it happened. It get back and danced the web masters several times. The Google run this update again in 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

The Dancing Stopped

Soon the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts announced that now webmaster don’t have to dance any more. Goggle dance stopped because Google has stopped changing the its algorithm on monthly basis. The hopes were all died that Google Dance will ever return. The magic again happens or you can say created by Google that Google Dance again get back in 2016.

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Google Dance 2016

The return of the Google Dance. This time Google Dance returned due to the joint efforts of Google’s webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes and the search quality analyst Nathan Johns. The Dance goes on March 2, from 7:30pm to 11:00pm PT, at the main Google campus. We’re looking forward to see more come backs of Google Dance!

Fighting Spam


Google Panda – Google has ran many updates to fight the spam. Google Panda was the major updates by Google that has penalized many websites. The first update of Panda was released in 2011 for a periodic basis. Each panda update caught some sites doing spam and thus leads some dance in search results.


Google Penguin – Later another major algorithm update released by Google was Penguin. It was also on periodic basis as like to Panda. The motive again was to filter spammy and create a better listing. The Penguin also caught sites involved in spamming and resulting some dance. As Google has never confirmed the reason why the new Penguin update was released.

The Top Heavy – It update was also a major update by Google which penalized sites with too many ads. It was also periodic basis update by Google like Panda. It has probably been refreshed many times after its official launch but those updates were never announced.


Pirate Update – Later the Pirate Penalty also rocked over the ranking factor. It has also penalized many sites like the earlier updates Panda, Penguin and Top Heavy. It was mainly focused on copyright infringement and it has also made many encounters like its prior versions. So each time Google is going to launch a new update, there must be some dance happen. Let’s wait for the next dance.

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