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iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsolete : Is that ?

iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsolete

After the announcements of full HTML web’ announcements at MWC(Mobile World Congress) there is lot of discussion on the point that ‘mobile web is dead’. Is it Really? In fact, iPhone did not kill the mobile web it made mobile browsing and searching more interesting. Because of the increment in Smartphone users including iPhone users mobile web had reached critical mass declared last year by Nielsen Mobile. Additionally many other groups such as Kelsey group have same point of view that Smartphone adoption drives mobile web usage. If we talk about iPhone users then according to Google Reports comparing to other devices about 50 times search requests from iPhones. Making desktop site to be accessible by simple users is easy, do best SEO practices make your website indexed and ranked top by search engines. SEO practices will make a site accessible to smartphone searchers but mobile SEO will be obsolete.


Mobile SEO is different from desktop SEO

Content must be optimized for the page to appear for relevant searches. This is a problem in mobile search, as multiple studies by search engines shown that mobile search behavior is somehow differs from desktop search behavior especially category and iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsoleteintent. Mobile searchers have different context than mobile users so they searched differently. Thus, in order for mobile searches marketer needs for specific tools like Google’s mobile keyword tool instead what he used for desktop keyword that’s Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. Doing keyword research for mobile users is mobile SEO and it’s relevant today for both the mobile sites and the desktop sites. After understanding that mobile searches are searching differently, the most effective and easiest way for a website owner/webmaster is to make site relevant to mobile searchers by creating mobile-specific content along with tightly-themed for relevant mobile searches.

While Wondering for the solution iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsolete : Is that ? I come through a forum where an user have an issue that his iPhone IMEI has been locked. Really, it’s freaking moments for any iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsoleteuser but you don’t need to be disappointed as you can easily Unlock IMEI iPhone.

However, mobile search results are not totally different, especially if when you access search results through an iPhone or iPod Touch. The goal of mobile SEO in the long term will not become obsolete, but more relevant. Mobile specific queries and the signals are major reasons that mobile SEO will be around in some form for a while. Search engines are too figuring out how to best serve mobile users and how to connect mobile queries to mobile content. As mobile users are growing, and search engines are figure out how to return better, more relevant results on the basis of context, the conversation will not about WAP pages and low-end browsers, as desktop SEO no longer about low-quality directory links; but it will still be about mobile SEO.


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