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Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

Wordpress tips and tricks

WordPress is the most beloved blogging platform. But have you ever thought why your WordPress site is not getting higher ranking than others? Do you want to customize your WordPress sites to make your website beautiful and get higher ranking? Here are some Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks For Beginners that can help you create your dream website and get higher ranking as well.

Creating a wordpress website is not only choosing a nice theme and writing down some quality content. You also need to customize your site in way that a user wants to visit your site again and again. You must attract your users and as well as Google to get a higher web ranking and thesemost wanted WordPress tips and tricks can help you in doing the same.

top wordpress tips and tricks

Most of the beginners don’t find it easy to create a beautiful and search engine friendly site, that is the reason they keep struggling for the ranking and visitors. Here are some advanced and most wanted WordPress tips and tricks described in this guide that can help you create a beautiful and attractive wordpress site.

Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

1. Design Your Home Page

Try to make you default homepage a bit responsive. It is the most important hack for your WordPress site that’s why it is on the top of the most wanted WordPress tips and tricks list. There are many wordpress themes available that provide responsive layout to your homepage. If your your theme doesn’t support responsive homepage then you can also create your own customize homepage with SiteOrigin Page Builder. It is a free responsive WordPress page builder that can give an exotic look to your homepage. It is a free WordPress plugin that is available in WordPress Plugin Repository.

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2. Use Before and After Image Plugin

Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

Have you ever thought of Image comparison? It is the best way to express the changes around the period. If you are comparing two images on your WordPress site then image comparison can be handy way to amuse your readers and of course attract them. You can use TwentyTwenty plugin which is also a free plugin and available at WordPress Plugin Repository.

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3. Categorize Your Blog Posts

Allow your readers to go through your posts category wise. It make your site simple as well as user friendly. If you have a large number of content and a user want to find out any specific type of post then category finding will be useful. It is an easy method to find out related content on your site. If the Sony camera users are facing the problem of image lost or data lost then suggest them to download Sony Photo Recovery Software.

4. Use Related Post Plugin

It is another good way engage your readers on your blog or website. Display some related post to the end of every post and you users who really like your current article will also go for those related post. It can increase your page view and traffic.

5. Interlinking Of Your Posts

Interlink your post with best match keywords, so that the reader can visit other pages or posts on your blog for finding the related the content. Most of the times when you write a new post, it is somehow related to older posts. Then interlink your posts and allow your readers to migrate from page or post to another.

6. Do Not Use Admin

Most Wanted WordPress Tips And Tricks

Are you still using admin to post you blog posts on your WordPress site? If yes then immediately stop this practice. Do not use administrator account to post contents on your sites. There are many hackers are always looking around for site to hack for their evil business and by using admin you are giving half access of your site to them. Create a new user and post your contents by using the Author profile.

7. Use Only Essential Plugin

It is a very common thing among all the WordPress beginners that they install dozens of plugins that they really don’t want. They install plugins for testing them and later do not remove them. Your WordPress is not the Plugin repository and you should only use plugins that help you site grow and perform better. Excessive number of plugins can slow down your site and a slow site usually get lower ranking.

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