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Photo recovery from formatted SD card: Becomes easy with Photo recovery tool

SD (secure digital) card is widely supported on all popular digital media including famous digital camera brands. It is a type of flash memory card that is available with different memory storage limitation starts from 8 MB to 8 GB. Popular types of SD card include SDHC, miniSD, microSD, SDXC and SD memory card. This memory storage card is developed by SanDisk, Toshiba and Panasonic. SD memory card handles huge digital contents. It has compact and slim look and easily fits to all popular digital storage media.People love to use SD card on their digital camera to store captured images but problem arises when this card becomes corrupted due to some internal reasons and people need to format the card for reuse it.

In any such situation, photo recovery from formatted SD card becomes an essential task to get back all valuable images. You should know that alike any other memory card SD card is also very prone to damage and corruption. There are several reasons that may cause damage to memory card and loss of images.Some general reasons of SD memory card corruption and photo loss are:

  • Pulling out memory card from camera while it is on
  • Interruption during read/write process
  • Memory card formatting
  • Physical damage to digital camera or memory card
  • Improper manual steps to handle the device Virus infection

Above mentioned reasons may cause corruption in SD memory card that finally lead to data loss situation. Generally users format the memory card in any such situation to reuse the memory card but formatting also lead to complete erase of all stored images from the memory card. In such condition, photo recovery from formatted SD card become necessary to get back lost images. If you are also facing any such situation and looking for some effective solution to get back images from formatted SD card then don’t get panic. Use professional Digital Photo recovery Software to get back lost images. The recommended software has advance features and algorithm that is capable to recover images after any photo loss situation. You can also reuse the SD memory card after formatting it. But your very first step to be use Photo recovery software after identifying the situation. Photo recovery from formatted SD card is now an easy task with Photo recovery tool.

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