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How to apply for ”PM AC Yojana 2019”

pm ac yojana

Nowadays the temperature is very hot. And most of the middle class and lower class people die or they become ill due to the hot temperature. Our PM Narendra Modi recently launched an AC yojana for those who can’t afford an AC from the market because of their cost and their electricity bill.

After seeing all this, our PM Narendra Modi decides to launched an AC. That will be available at a cheap price when it compares to the private companies. It will also consume less electricity than other 5-star private AC. The aim of this yojana is that our PM wants to see AC in over 2 lakh homes in coming next year.

This AC is available in this yojana comes with the default temperature 24-26 degree. The motive behind this yojana is that most of the people become eligible to buy AC and we save 20 billion electricity unit. If you were already using an AC in you but you want to buy a new AC you can exchange your old AC with the new one during this yojana.

For taking advantage of this yojana you have to do some paper works includes that you have to be an Indian citizen and you are the owner of an electricity connection. At the time of applying for AC online, you must have to carry your ID proof that you are a citizen of India and you must have to carry your old electricity bill.

According to the source it will be launched in July but it was not decided yet. If this yojana was started you will be informed through news or you can be updated with others. Those who are eligible to buy an AC or who want to buy an AC, they can apply by visiting an EESL company website

eesl ac scheme

According to the application given by the department, the AC will be delivered at your home within 24 hrs. and it will be installed within 72 hrs. after applying. The AC will be provided during this yojana is comes with the warranty period of 1-5 years. If you see any defect on the AC in these 5 yrs. It will be changed in the future by the engineer.

From this article, you will be able to know about the PM AC Yojana and how can we apply for that AC. The benefits of this AC and how this will helps to our nation.

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