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Prevent Website Malware – Important WordPress Tips

Prevent Website Malware

Tips To Prevent Website Malware

Cyber criminals compromise many websites every day. These hacks are commonly invisible and can’t be determined by users. But these hacks are still harmful for anyone who view that hacked website or page even for the site owner. Hackers can infect your site with harmful code that can record your keystrokes and even on the visitors’ computers. Now a days most of the malware and infections are getting spread through infected or hacked websites. Those threats can steal login details, online banking information and financial transactions. So here I bring some amazing WordPress tips to Prevent Website Malware only for you.

 Prevent Website Malware  Prevent Website Malware

                       Prevent Website Malware        Prevent Website Malware

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Google also mark up these site as hacked or harmful or phishing websites. This can bring down the traffic of your site. If Google alerts someone that your PC will get infected by potential threats by visiting this site then who will proceed. These kind of attack are not only harmful for you but also for your visitors and this can surely bring a downfall to your business or your site ranking.

How To Prevent Prevent Website Malware

Run Online Scan

You must check your site for any kind of virus infection on a regular basis. You can run online scan of your website to get informed that your site is infected by a malware not. It is better to be sure about your website rather than waiting for any action be Google. Yes Google mark virus infected site as harmful can also ban your site.

Scan your website now :-

Remove Potential Threat

If you find any kind of virus then immediately remove it from your site. If your website is badly infected by a malware then you should completely remove infected files and install a fresh copy. You must create backup of your website database files to handle this kind of issue. You should also keep scanning your PC for virus or malware on regular basis.

Scan your PC Now and Remove Malware

Use Anti-virus Plugin

You can also use anti-virus plugins to fight with malware. There are many security related plugins available in WordPress repository that you can use to ensure the safety of your website. Get a list of popular WordPress security plugins

Do Not Use Administrator

Don’t use your administrator account for posting blogs on your site. It is like giving half access of your site to hackers. If you will administrator account then only have to find out your password. So be a little smart and create some new users with limited access to post blogs.

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