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Prevent WordPress Malware – Guide To Secure Your WordPress Site From Malware

Prevent Wordpress Malware

WordPress hacking has become a common problem nowadays. It has been found in research that 7 out of every 10 wordpress blog getting hacked or malware infected. The main issue is now how to prevent WordPress malware and protect your wordpress site from malware attackers and hackers?

As WordPress is the most popular blogging platform so it also a favorite target of hackers and spammers. WordPress is clearly the best user-friendly and most used blogging platform available online today but it also very much vulnerable to malware attacks. It is also a burning issue why hackers want to hack your website as you don’t have a large number of visitors? The answer is, scammers don’t want to steal your data or delete your files, but they use your server to send spam emails.

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As the matter of facts, it is also possible that your wordpress site can get attacked by malware. There is a little difference between getting hacked and attacked by malware. Here in this article I am going to discuss about the malware attacks and how to recover your wordpress after attack and how to prevent such attacks.

Some days ago one of client called me asked that when he is searching for his wordpress site on Google, it is showing a meta description “This site may harm your computer” with link. After clicking on that link, Google is showing the warning that do not access this website as it is infected. When I checked the website using, I found that many of the pages were infected by Javascript malware and site was also blacklisted by Google.

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Prevent WordPress Malware

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How To Prevent WordPress Malware

It is really a big issue if Google is showing this kind of alert right below the URL of your websites. It is not good for your site reputation. Then I have researched about the problem but it was very hard to find out the exact reason. Then I have got an idea and I planned to check the computer my client was using to manage his wordpress site. I fixed a meeting and checked his PC thoroughly. I have a Trojan virus on his computer that was creating loophole on his system through which hackers got the access of his system.

As I have discovered the reason behind the malware attack, so now it was the time to fix the issue. The main part was to choose the anti malware program to remove that Trojan virus. Many people recommend to use the best anti virus for the security of your system but I personally believe that you can’t remove a nasty Trojan infection with a regular anti-virus program. You need a malware removal expert that can find out all the hidden threat and completely remove the virus from your computer including from your registry files and close all the doors for the hackers. I have used the anti malware program on which I trust an the problem got solved.

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