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Protect your Website from Harmful Malware

SEO is not all about making a website and creating backlinks. You must optimize your website for the best performance. It is also very important to Protect your Website from Harmful Malware. Nowadays there many harmful threats and malware are created and distributed that infect the website and hosting. I have also analyzed some of these malware and helped some webmasters to recover their website from virus attacks. One of the major infection that has irritated many users recently is RSA-4096 Ransomware virus. It has infected one of my clients PC the he used to manage his website. Actually his PC was infected by FILES_ENCRYPTED-READ_ME.HTML Ransomware which is a variant of RSA-4096 Ransomware. All the details stored on his computer was encrypted. He was unable to either open his site or do any thing.

FILES_ENCRYPTED-READ_ME.HTML Ransomware – Another Variant of RSA-4096 Ransomware

RSA-4096 is a harmful file encryption virus. It is a kind of TeslaCrypt 3.0 ransomware virus which has infected many computers across the world. Cyber crooks keep making new variants of this threat to harm more numbers of computer. This cunning malware infection is able to infect any Windows computer very silently and encrypt all the data present on the infected PC. The major problem with this threat that it can lock down all kind of files and make your system useless. It has hit my clients PC and due to this he was unable to login his website. All the html files he has created for his website are got locked. He was also unable to use the web designing software and tools that he needs to run his websites.

Protect your Website from Harmful Malware


FILES_ENCRYPTED-READ_ME.HTML Ransomware mainly attack the targeted computer through spam emails. If you get any spam email from any unknown sender that contain some attachments, then you must not open that email. It is one of the most used way to deploy harmful threats into the targeted PC. Your PC can also get infected by other harmful and malicious threats in similar way.

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Harmful Aspects of FILES_ENCRYPTED-READ_ME.HTML Ransomware

After infecting your computer, this nasty threat will encrypt all your data and demand ransom to unlock your files. It can lock down all kind of files such as html, videos, images, audios, pdf, doc files, presentations, excel file and many. It will ask you to pay the ransom to get the decryption key that can unlock your data. This nasty ransomware infection delete all the files after encrypting them and create their encrypted copies. So it is not a good option to pay the ransom. So it is very important to remove FILES_ENCRYPTED-READ_ME.HTML Ransomware completely from the PC.

How To Protect your Website from Harmful Malware

The best way to keep your PC malware free that you use to run or manage your website. most of the times, you website get infected by a virus through your infected PC. You should also find and remove all the existing threats and malware from your PC soon.

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