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React Google Outbound Link Penalty Without Overreacting

React Google Outbound Link Penalty Without Overreacting

React Google Outbound Link Penalty Without Overreacting

Earlier the link penalty from Google was mainly based on the inbound links. This time the new revolution by the Google manual action team again the manipulative, artificial, deceptive or spammy outbound links may have surprised many webmaster. If you are also one of them then know how to react Google outbound link penalty without overreacting.

What is Google Outbound link penalty

This time Google has played an ace trick to find ban the manipulation in SERP. Google is now penalizing those types links that are created to provide unconventional traffic to the destination sites. Google has announced the manual action against the outbound links that are mainly focused to boost the traffic of any site. Google is marking those links as untrustworthy as they are only created to manipulate the SERP.

Why It is Different

Google outbound penalty is different from other penalties because it now targeting the link source. Earlier Google used to penalize those sites that has numbers of inbound links from untrusted or malicious websites. This time Google has take this steps to avoid the manipulation of ranking factors. Now if you are a part of a network that shares links for getting higher ranking or you are involved in buying and selling of links in return of money then your site can get penalized. This penalty is also open for those site who write paid reviews but don’t mark links as Nofollow or paid.

React Google Outbound Link Penalty Without Overreacting

What Brings that Penalty On

Recently Google has find out that there are many sites writing paid reviews or getting compensation for promoting any product. But the main thing that alarmed is the missing disclosure. Google has already spelled out all important guidelines about disclosing the relationship from any site your writing paid reviews or how and where to add “nofollow” tag and many more. You can see the complete guideline of Google here :-

Disclosure is a very important thing when any business or individual getting compensated for a review whether through payment or via free products. As Google has already mentioned all those terms about linking any site for paid reviews, it was a clear indication that a new crackdown is coming through. Adding a disclosure is also mandatory in US and it comes under the federal law. See the Federal Trade Commission guidelines here :-

Do not Overreact

React Google outbound link penalty without overreacting. The simple instruction is not overreact this penalty announcement as it can hurt your site. You really don’t need to add “nofollow” tags to all your outbound links. Such kind of drastic change for avoiding problems with Google can create new problems for you. Many webmaster has started making all their links as nofollow. This huge change forced Jhon Mueller from Google to post an urgent advice in Webmaster Help Forum: “There’s absolutely no need to nofollow every link on your site!”. So just go through the below steps to know how to react Google outbound link penalty without overreacting.

React Google Outbound Link Penalty Without Overreacting

Best Way To React

As it has been said by Jhon Mueller that you don’t need to mark nofollow all your links. Now the most important question that arises how to react Google outbound link penalty without overreacting? The first thing that you should do immediately is to check out your Google Search console that you got any message from manual action team or not. If you got the message then do the following things :-

If you are getting paid for writing review for any product then do the following changes changes to your site.

  • Firstly analyze your blog post that contains paid reviews.

  • Explain the relation with the company whose product is reviewed.

  • Add disclosure to your site for the paid links.

  • Add nofollow to the links of your product supplier.

  • You can also use affiliate manager plugins to manage your links.

After making all the above changes you can submit your for reconsideration and get back your ranking.

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What To Do If Your Still Safe

If you are still safe and didn’t got any message from the Google manual team then you are lucky. Now give some time and analyze your site. Do the following the changes to your earlier posts and also follow to the upcoming posts :-

  • Mark all your paid links as paind.

  • Add nofollow to your paid links.

  • Add disclosure to your site.

  • Explain your relationship with product provider.

Bottom Line

It is not a wise decision to make all your links nofollow. Give some time your site. Check your outbound links. Making all the links nofollow will mark your site reclusive. If you have added links of some good sites that complement your content then that nofollow link will give no benefit to that site. It is also possible that site you have linked in past has closed. Domains you have linked in past could have got expired, bought, parked or plastered with ads. So you must review your outbound links. If you have accidentally deleted the partition from PC then you are advised to use Partition Mac Software.

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