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Repairing a PST File in Outlook 2007 is simple now!!

Microsoft Outlook 2007 – an advanced version of Outlook, has got more features than Outlook 2003 and is a part of the MS Office package. Mainly used as a mailing tool, it is very popular in the corporate sector. The Outlook 2007 stores and saves your data like personal data, attachments, calendars etc. in PST files. But at times users face a lot of difficulty in opening up the PST files. These situations arise when your Outlook file is damaged or corrupted. When such things happen accessing your personal data and information becomes a painstaking job.

The problems that arise because of the corruption do not occur suddenly but there are various erroneous situations behind each problem which makes your data inaccessible for you. Some frequently occurring reasons are:

  • An upgrade in the Outlook version
  • A malfunctioning in the hardware
  • Trojan attacks can corrupt PST file
  • Application shut down improperly

There is a solution to repair your PST files in Outlook 2007. PST files contain very important data in it; therefore you should always create a back-up of your data so that the next time this happens you do not have to worry about data loss. Otherwise there are other alternatives available too, one of which is the Inbox Repair tool or Scanpst.exe provided by Microsoft itself which repairs the damaged Outlook 2007 PST files by removing the corrupt data. The tool is located under Program Files folder of the C:, the path address for the tool is

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12

But Scanpst.exe download has limited functionality. It works well if PST header is damaged, in scenarios where more damage is to be rectifying it stops functioning properly. And hence for such conditions we require more powerful third party Outlook PST file repair application. The software is simple to use and works by executing advanced algorithms to repair PST file along with recovering important user’s PST data which either was lost or deleted. Moreover the restoration of data is secure. Features of the PST file repair software are:

  • The PST File Repair software reads the corrupt PST files, repairs it and tries to recover all the data, put the data in a new PST file.
  • It supports different Outlook versions like Outlook 2000, XP, 2002, 2003 and Outlook 2007.
  • It can restore data from a PST files having passwords
  • The information restoration is safe because the PST Repair tool only performs a read only operation.

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