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Scanpst.exe – An Application to Fix PST Errors

  • Are you unable to open an important outlook file?
  • Is your contact file corrupt?
  • How can you repair the corrupt file?

Microsoft Outlook is application which enables the user to store and manage personal information such as mails, personal notes, birthdays, important dates, appointments and likewise. Microsoft outlook uses two file extensions to store the files. One is the PST (personal folders file) and the other is the OST (offline folders file).

Many of the Microsoft client applications like the Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging and Microsoft Outlook support the PST file format.

Since the PST files store the personal information of a user, it becomes very valuable to the user. User would never want to lose the information stored in that file. But in spite of the security provided by a company like Microsoft and the precautions taken by the user, the data in the PST file sometimes get corrupted or they become inaccessible.

To overcome such a critical situation of data damage, Outlook is provided with a repair tool called the Inbox repair tool scanpst.exe. The damage to the data can be accredited to various reasons; some of them are listed below:

  • Malfunction of the physical storage device where the files are saved.
  • File system of the computer getting corrupted. The file system stores the information about the data stored in the computer. If it gets corrupted, the data stored in the PST file will also get corrupted.
  • When the size of the PST file exceeds 2 GB, the files get corrupted. This is because the maximum size allowed for a PST file is 2 GB. When the file exceeds the maximum capacity, it is truncated which might lead to loss of important data.

Although the Inbox repair tool or the scanpst.exe is provided with the Microsoft Outlook, the problem is that it is located at a location which in general is difficult to be pointed out. The scanpst.exe can easily fix small errors but when it comes to severe errors, the tool fails to completely repair the PST file. The scanpst download can repair only the files whose header portion is corrupt. It is unable to fix other errors. When the file gets corrupted because of file size, the scanpst.exe truncates the file. This may repair the file but the data that has been truncated can be of great importance to you.

Therefore using the inbuilt Inbox repair tool of the Microsoft Outlook would not be a great idea.

For that reason you have the better option of using third party software to fix the errors of your PST file. You can download the Outlook PST repair tool to repair the errors. The Outlook PST repair tool has been provided with an Advanced Scan option to ensure that each and every corrupt PST file is repaired. It enables you to repair only the files you want it to repair.

If your vital PST file is corrupt and you want it repaired so that you can access the file. The Outlook PST repair utility will do the job for you. Hence click on the link below and download the demo version of the software and get a preview of the repaired PST files.

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