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Step by Step Methods to Format Mac Partition

know all information about how to Format Partition. If you are looking or searching for how to partition mac computer hard drive then you are at the right place here you will get all information and solution of it. Partitioning a computer hard drive is process of dividing a disk drive into separate, discrete section which is known as volumes. Apart from this some of the Mac computer users format partition to organize their data in a proper manner. If you are familiar with Mac computers then you must hear about Disk utility. You can Format Mac Partition using this tool. Therefore have a look on how to partition.

Know how to Format Partition using in-built Disk Utility:

First of all close all running programs and launch disk utility. To do so Go to applications and click on the Utilities option and then click on Disk utility option. When Disk Utility pops up on the computer screen then you will see the user interface. By default disk utility opens with no drives selected in the left hand column. Therefore select the drive which you want to format from the left column. Keep one thing in mind that if you have booted your system without install disk then you can not format the startup disk of system file disk. Apart from this you can format every drive. Therefore to format Mac partition click the Erase tab to the right of the list of drives.

Select the volume format there choose Mac OS Extended( journaled). Now name the hard and after this click on the erase button to format partition of Mac hard drive. When formatting process is complete then drive will appear with the name which you have given. Exit the Disk Utility.

But most the user are unable to format partition because they do not understand the process of in-built Disk utility therefore if you want to format your Mac hard drive without using disk utility then it is also possible. Because now best and effective third party Partition Magic Mac software is available. It is specially made to format mac partition. This partition software is very easy to use and provides graphical user interface. Therefore use this tool and format your Mac computer hard drive in easy way.

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