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Website Infected With Trojan – Remove Trojan From your Website

Website infected with Trojan? Want to remove Trojan virus from your website? Virus infection has become very common nowadays. Trojan viruses are very lethal and nasty. It is an old saying the viruses only infect computers, now malware can infect your website too. What will you do if your website got hit be a Trojan virus? How easy it is to find out the Trojan on your website? What harm can a Trojan virus do to your website? How you can remove Trojan from your site? Let’s try to find out the answers of all these questions in this guide.

The first thing you should know that it not necessary that Trojan virus or malware only infect the WordPress website. If you are a website developer and you love creating beautiful websites by writing codes then still your site can get infected by viruses. The most common virus used by hackers to attack is Trojan. Cyber crooks create their piggyback by infecting your site and make illegal profit out of it. It is also not necessary that your site need to be a very famous and high ranked website to get attacked. A low ranked website with a very few or limited visitors can also get attacked.

The presence of Trojan virus on your website indicates two things:

  • You must be using any outdated CMS version which has obtained the exploit access to your infected website.
  • The computer you are using to run your website is infected with Trojan virus through which your index.html files got infected.

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How To Remove Malware From Your Website

Well the first thing you should do is to scan your computer and find out the infection. After that the obvious instructions is to remove that Trojan virus from your system. Then after also scan all your HTML files and website backups. Install the malware free backup on your site in order to remove the Trojan completely.

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Take The Following Preventive Measure To Minimize Any Malware Attack In The Future

  • Scan your computer regularly for the presence of any Trojan, virus or malware and remove immediately if found.
  • If your system badly infected with virus then reinstall the Windows to completely remove all the infections.
  • Remove all the corrupted or infected data from your website server and create new and fresh data again.
  • Immediately change your web hosting account password to avoid any risk of further malware attack.
  • If you are any CMS then update it for the most recent version to minimize any kind future abuse.

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