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What is SEO Poisoning

SEO Poisoning

SEO poisoning not a new word that comes to hear, it’s also known as search poisoning. If you are in the world of SEO, you are very aware of the threats and that missteps that can make bad side of the search engines. SEO poisoning is complex attack that’s used by black hat hackers and the malware servers. It’s a newly detected attack method in which the cyber criminals creates a malicious websites and do their best SEO to show up the malicious websites in search results. It works in several steps. SEO Poisoning starts with the Google search results and end up with an infected user. Following are the steps involved in:-

The attack begins with black hat hacker by creating a malicious website targeting a keyword that is very popular and are searching a lot. Cyber criminals tries many black hat techniques that usually includes link pyramids and private blog network in order to rank that very site. At glance the website looks legitimate but in real it’s only to lures you and visiting alike websites target your PCs.


No wonder, any users gets attracted to the high-ranking website result immediately and unknowingly clicks on the given link to the page. Often it happens what you search you don’t get that instead you get redirected to its site or some other. Now after, if you are getting your weird PC, then surely you PC gets infected with the malicious code on the websites done by SEO Poisoning.

Once I was searching for such topic I come through a forum where an user  have an issue that his PC gets infected with malware threats and this result in website infection. Really, it’s disappointing but at same place I find best solution to eliminate computer threats from PC.

Why, it’s an Issue for Webmasters? This is an increasing threats. At some point of time it may happens some keyword ranked much. So, hackers creates website using that very keyword and instead of ranking their own website they prefers to infect your sites Black hat hackers do hard and harder and invest most of time ranking their own sites.

Signs of SEO Poisoning Attacks

Anyone can be victims of SEO Poisoning. It’s very hard to say when your well site gets comprised but some signs may notifies that website has been gets infected. Normally, when your search ranking begins to drop is your first sign. Google continues to notifies but when you visit your website you will find nothing, all will be same as before. Usually, when hackers comprised your What is SEO Poisoningsites instead of stealing your data they install malicious code. These make search engines to behave weirdly and your website rank degraded.

Way to Defense Against SEO Poisoning or Dark Side of SEO

Once after you have discovered infection into your website you need to follow Google’s infection recovery guide. In addition you need to find all file on your server or a webpage that may get injected malicious code and after finding you need to delete it. Moreover, you may need to wipe your site and restore a backup. To protect yourself from search poisoning or SEO Poisioning attacks, you always need to keep your browser and antivirus software up to date, you should avoid clicking suspicious-looking links furthermore never provide personal information online before confirming that site is valid and the transaction is secure.


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