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WordPress Security Tips – Keep Your Site malware Free

Wordpress security tips

WordPress Security Tips

Online security has become very essential these days, so here are some great WordPress Security Tips only for you. WordPress is a great source to setup your personal blog or website, business websites, portfolio etc. easily without having any coding knowledge. It is the main reason why WordPress has gained so much of popularity in a very short time and now it is powering 25% of the total websites. It is not only a figure but it is number of websites that can be targeted by cyber crooks. As the WordPress is growing globally, hackers are also finding new ways to attack the websites to accomplish their criminal activities.

WordPress Security Tips

If you are also a WordPress users and scared about your website security then here are some amazing WordPress Security Tips that can help you in keeping your site malware free.

How To Keep Your WordPress Site malware Free

Backup Your WordPress Site

It is extremely important to backup your WordPress site on regular basis. Any kind of malware intrusion can corrupt your files then you will need to restore all the infected files. In such case if you don’t have any backup then you can face severe data loss situation.

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Use Anti-Spam Services

Hackers are regularly attacking WordPress sites and use them for spam practices. You must use an ace anti-spam service for your WordPress site to fight attackers. Akismet is a powerful plugin that fight against comment and trackback spam techniques and keep your WordPress site secured.

Create Strong Passwords

Combine upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and try to use more than 12 characters to create a strong password for your site. It is very important for the safety of your blog or website. WordPress allows you to create a 64 character long password. Create a strong passwords and write it down somewhere.

Don’t Use Admin

Using admin account for posting blogs on your WordPress site is a clear invitation to hackers. Your admin name is the half access of your site. So create some new users (Authors or Contributors) to write posts on your blogs.

Antivirus For WordPress

It is a great plugin that detect harmful injection and keep your WordPress site safe from threats, malware and viruses. It is a very easy to use plugin that also gives the multilingual support. It automatically blocks all the malicious content, spam, virus, malware, worms, links etc. and send email to the predefined address.

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Scan your Computer For Viruses

It is the most important step for the every WordPress users. Most often your WordPress site get infected by malwares directly from the computer they are getting managed. So you should also keep checking your PC for potential threats and malware. If you found any threat on your system then immedaitely remove it from your computer.

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