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Ykcol Ransomware: Complete Removal Step

Ykcol ransomware is one of the latest version of infamous Locky ransomware. Most importantly this virus follows the Lukitus and Diablo6 version. And it uses the combination of RSA-2048 and AES-128 ciphers to lock victim’s files. After completion of file encryption then it appends the encrypted file with .ykcol file extension.

Then it drops ykcol.bmp and ykcol.htm files on the operating system. The file is also known as ransom note. Ykcol ransomware gets pushed in the operating system by malicious spam email. Or gets in by some compromised attachment that contain the script to download and execute Ykcol ransomware on the operating system.

It hijacks the operating system and then drops the malicious file that later functions like ransom note. In this the .bmp file is set as the desktop wallpaper and the .htm file gets open through web browser that further links towards leading to user’s personal payment page (accessible via Tor browser only). To see the contents of the personal payment user would have to enter the .onion website in the Tor browser.

Ykcol ransomware demands 0.25 bitcoins from users, but it is highly recommended not to make any ransom payment rather rush to remove Ykcol ransomware from computer asap. For this opt for Reimage Repair Tool as mentioned below. To install this removal tool reboot the operating system in safe mood with networking. It does complete system scan with powerful algorithm and then makes the PC safe and secure by Ykcol ransomware removal from PC. To know more continue reading the below mentioned steps.

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